My Crazy, Wild, Out of Control Ride

Hey Everyone! 

Soooooo, this is my first blog, I hope you are excited to learn about me and my various projects! I am SO excited to share with you all 🙂

Welp, I made the choice to “settle down” (YIKES!) in upstate NY a little over a year ago. That one little choice is what lead me here, to this blog. TO YOU, my faithful followers and DIYers. 

I’m a 20-something college grad trying to make it in a small rural farm town. If any of you know what it’s like to live in a town like this-you know-. You know, jobs are sparse, everything is 45 minutes away, BUT, the community, knowing your neighbor, and living simply overshadow all of the negatives. So, you can only imagine how my family reacted. Moving from suburbia, much like Wisteria Lane and Desperate Housewives. Manicured lawns, tidy homes, fancy cars, and well paying jobs, to, well NOTHING. 😀 

Guess what NOTHING, is wonderful. What do you do with nothing?

With NOTHING you:

  1. visit Grandma
  2. herd sheep
  3. train oxen
  4. have a pet goat
  5. buy chickens
  6. CHASE chickens
  7. grow vegetables
  8. CHASE your goats
  9. learn to sew

I wish I could have said “get off facebook” in that list, but that’s how I started my business! Sew (no pun intended… ok maybe a little) June, 2011 I learned to sew, and started designing handbags on less than a shoestring budget. I took in A LOT of upcycled fabric, I loved it! I think people loved pawing their old fabric off on me more. I started creating, well experimenting. Did I mention I love vintage and interior design? Handbags wasn’t enough! I started, erm, experimenting again…. and got my first upholstery job! From that first job, everything just snowballed…. in a good way :-). From that, Ruby Alice Designs was born!








So, I decided it was time to start thinking BIG! Next week I will be launching my very own website and online store 😀 


My goal for this blog is to share my stories, successes, failures, and teach you how to give your house a facelift for next to nothing. Did I mention, living in the middle of nowhere makes you a bargain shopper?!

I invite you to follow meand my website and come along on a crazy, wild, out of control, but FUN, ride!


3 responses to “My Crazy, Wild, Out of Control Ride

  1. I, for one, am delighted you moved to Nothing Land! I grew up in this area and moved back 5 yrs ago – all you said is true!!! You are a wonderfully talented addition to the area and the family!

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