A note about Grandmother’s

Growing up, most kids don’t get to have their grandparents around the corner, let alone in the same state. The holiday’s would come around and I always knew it meant either the quick ride around the corner for Christmas Eve, or the hour and half ride across the state for Easter dinner. Either way, For most kids they had to either travel a great distance or just stayed home with their immediate family. Not me, that’s where I am SO lucky. 

See, growing up, among crazy athletic schedules, homework, friends, and the other crazy things life can through at you, there was always one constant. My grandparents were always right down the street. HOW BLESSED! More specifically, my Grandmother, “Grammie.” When I Think back to all those wonderful times with my grandmother growing up, many things come to mind. Sick Days, Friday night pizza, Church, Tuna Wiggle, The Play Room, Stanley the cat, birthdays, and especially Christmas! 

My Grandmother played a large role in shaping who I am as an adult. From the way I carry myself, the food I cook, my grammar (she was a grammar teacher LOL), and a basic awareness for the way I live my life. 

Ruby, Grammie, Aunt Ruby, Mrs. K, grew up in a small rural New Hampshire town, helping her parents with household chores and work around the farm. As she grew into a young woman she meet my Grandfather, a strapping young lad, who lived a few towns over. Soon after they began dating, my Grandfather was drafted into WWII. Grampa went over seas, they wrote everyday! They were married on New Year’s day, I believe while he was home on leave. Once the war ended and he came home, they began their lives together! That meant kids, kids, KIDS! Eight to be exact. So Grammie went on to raise her 8, watch them get married, and have grandkids, there is 15 of us :-D. Now, Grammie was great at a lot of things, but she was BEST at keeping a close knit family, and teaching all of us how important it is to support one another no matter what. Some of my fondest memories are family gatherings at her house. The Aunts and Uncles would disperse through out the living room, dining room, and kitchen, engaging in their serious adult chatter. Us cousins would invade the play room, confiscate the HUGE glass jar of marbles (well…. until that one time…. the glass MYSTERIOUSLY broke and marbles went everywhere), and pull out every cool board game we could find. I bet some of those board games could be worth some money these days…. if we didn’t beat the living snot out of them! Hey, they lasted through 3 generations??? Then it would all come to an end, like all good things do… and we would all whine about how we JUST. CAN’T. LEAVE. because the time we had with our cousins was the best time ever!

All those fond times, and the majority of life lessons I have learned I owe to my Grandmother. My mother till this day tells me about what Grammie would say about “this”, and how she would react to “that”. She always carried herself with grace, poise, and compassion for others. It is that character that earned my unconditional love and respect. There is no greater gift I can give her, and no better way to thank her, than name my business after her. My grandmother is the Ruby Alice behind Ruby Alice Designs!




3 responses to “A note about Grandmother’s

  1. You are very smart young woman!….and have learned your lessons well….keep up the good work!!

  2. Dear Amy, What a beautiful “ode” to my/our mother, your grandmother! She would be so proud of you, just as we are! You’re designs are so beautiful & the bags so practical;THAT’S what Ruby Alice would have a twinkle in her eye & smile about! Great job! Love, Aunt Anne

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