Rag Quilt Stocking

A few weeks ago I was stalking Pinterest. Yes STALKING. I have an obsessive side, I blame it on my creativity, HA. Anyways, I came across a GREAT tutorial for a rag quilt stocking that I just couldn’t pass up or pass along. In short, she took a simple rag quilt pattern and combined it with a straightforward stocking pattern. VOILA! So, over the past week I reviewed the two tutorials, combined them in my own way and created a very MANLY Christmas stocking!

Let me give you a little play back on my motivation to do this tutorial…. Last year I said “oh oh! I want to start a Christmas tradition with my boyfriend!” Sooooo…… since we are still young and money is tight, I “made” stockings for each other. I set a 20 dollar limit, and we could fill the stockings with whatever we could that fit that budget. Well the 20 dollar budget worked great! The stockings not so much…. I don’t think my brain kicked in when I made them… I wish I had pics- they were B-A-D! But they type of bad where you almost want to use them for the next 50 years. Except… they were just too small. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yea, they were pretty pitiful! So now Josh has a great little manly man stocking covered in cartoonish deer. His favorite! Next week I will make mine! I think I will do Amy Butler fabric- she’s my fav! THOUGHTS??

I posted a pic by pic tutorial of this project on Facebook, please check it out and enjoy!!!




*I ask that you don’t sell this pattern or claim the stocking design as your own. It is a great tutorial put out there for you to practice your sewing skills and to teach others. I appreciate this, and I think the original designer would too! :-D*


4 responses to “Rag Quilt Stocking

    • Hi Mandy!
      Thanks for letting me know the site isn’t working. I do have a cutout pattern, I will have to scan it into the computer, but I will do this and let you know when it’s posted.

      Thanks for reading!!

    • Hi Kathy!
      I did 6″ squares back with cotton batting. You want to sew them all together in a large rectangle, alternating the fabric patterns. Once I had two rectangles large enough I used my stocking template to trace onto the rectangle and then cut out the pattern. Sew the lining fabric to the outer fabric, do this for both sides. Place the two pieces together with right sides together and sew along the perimeter, leaving a small hole to turn the stocking right side out. Does that make sense?

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