Count Down to Christmas: Days 10 and 9 Remembering Sandy Hook

First I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I think I have a great story that will make for two days. It isn’t anything sewing related actually, but just a plain sweet ole story I can’t help but share. 

Today at work a mother and two little boys came in. They boys couldn’t have been any older than 6. The younger of the two saw a very cute wooden toy truck. Immediately he picked it up, looked to his mother, ” Mom, will you get me this?” After an abrupt NO, he kept trying, and trying….. and…. well TRYING! She quickly whisked him away with thoughts of a fun walk in the snow and visiting all the fun animals at the farm. Out the door they went. 

45 minutes later, they family came back in chilly and frozen. The little boy didn’t forget about the truck. He ran right over to the shelf, and started all over again “MOOOOOOOOM, PLEAAASSSSEEEEEEEEE can I have this?!!!!!! I really need it!” Very Quickly she responded and said “How about if you do some small jobs for me around the house you can earn the money for that truck” He thought about it, you could see the wheels turning so hard about how he would acquire the truck. Ignoring the idea of helping his mother at home he turned to me saying “could you just give this to me?” I very nicely explained to him that the company had purchased that truck from another business so they could make money, and now we are selling it in the same fashion. GIVING it to him wasn’t an option. He went back to the drawing board. “WHAT IF! I traded something for it!” Too cute and clever to pass off I asked him if he had anything of the same value to trade me for the toy. “100 HOT DOGS!” yes, he offered me 100 hot dogs. Worth FAR more than the value of that little toy! I graciously thanked him for the offer, but we have a whole freezer full of hot dogs and we didn’t need any more. Back to the drawing board he went again. “WHAT IF….. I just wrote down $14.50 on a piece of paper?!” Again, very graciously, I told him what a wonderful idea that was, but there still needed to be money behind that piece of paper to pay for the toy (in 6 year old terms of course :-)) At that point he was out of ideas and started to contemplate doing help around the house. So I asked him “How would it make you feel if you helped your mom do some dishes, sweep the floor, or fold laundry and work for that $14.50? I think you would really appreciate that toy and telling your friends how you earned that toy all by yourself.” He thought about it, put a BIG smile on his face, looked at his mom and said “Mom, we have to go home RIGHT NOW! Do you have a job for me to do? I need jobs to do so I can come back and buy that truck!!!!! I MUST I MUST!”

I was so thrilled to have such a wonderful encounter with a young boy, who, HOPEFULLY, learned some lessons in business and life. His mom didn’t give in, and he left with a smile. How refreshing!

I chose to share this story in hopes of sharing a smile in light of all the sadness of the recent school shooting. Let us remember all those families this season that lost their children the same age as this little boy. After he left, I truly felt the spirit of the 20 young kids living through him and his brother. Remember that the next time you interact with a young child, they are truly special! Merry Christmas from Ruby Alice Designs! 


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