The Peony Bag

I just completed a custom order for a Peony Bag. Every time a make a custom bag I have a big problem…. I want to keep the bag for myself! Alas, I come to terms with the fact I must part with each particular bag, and my Peony Bag works very well for everything I drag it through!

This bag came out particularly nice. I am a perfectionist, it is rare I finish a bag and don’t feel the need to nit pick, but this one is exceptional! The trick to a nice, crisp professional bag is all about the fabric weight, interfacing, and precise cutting. I have made this bag so many times, I know what works well and what doesn’t work at all.

On this bag I used two coordinating home decor weight fabrics, matched with interfacing. You do need to be careful when sewing the layers together, because the layers can get thick, but my great old singers, sew through anything like butter.

On this bag I love fooling around with different pocket sizes and styles. On this bag I added a zippered pocket and simple rectangle pocket, and two pen pockets. I have discovered, it’s VERY nice being able to know exactly where your pens are when you need them!

The bag size is perfect as well, not to big and not too small. Measuring about 6″x7″x3″ it really can hold anything for your daily on-the-go needs. If you are the type of gal that only carries the minimal, pens, wallet, phone, camera, chapstick, etc this bag is perfect. It even holds some of the bigger stuff well too, novels, day planners, e-readers. The Peony bag is perfectly versatile!!

For more info or to see my other bags, check out my website:


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