Buttons for Ms. B!

Buttons for Ms. B!

Saturday, my SIL sent me a link to a pin she liked on Pinterest.com. It was a super cute bag embellished with buttons on the straps.

Today I took that pin and her inspiration for buttons and delved into my embarrassingly LARGE button stash. I will shamefully admit- it was my first time using any of these buttons. I am sorry to my fellow upcyclers. I AM SORRY!

So I sat myself down, and started putting together this Lotus Bag. When I was putting together the outside pocket, I got a surge of creative energy! I arranged it so when I cut the pocket, I could press the selvedge to the outside for a little “fringe”. Then, I sifted through my button stash and discovered a handful of super cute pink buttons that matched this bag perfectly. Instead of top stitching along that selvedge edge I added adorable tiny blue buttons to add a little pizzazz! I think this bag came out super cute- what do you think??

I’ve got to say- buttons are really not my thing, I just find sewing them a pain. LOL, but the end result of this bag was SO WORTH IT.

have a great day!




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