A WASHABLE doggy bed!

A WASHABLE doggy bed!

Ok- who out there has dogs that just love there doggy bed or love to cuddle up in a pile of blankets and you WISHED you had a doggy bed for them??

I am one of those people! Not only that, but my dogs have a tendency to be on the dirty side. Two beagles with a fenced in back yard, and free range chickens during mud season. YEA- don’t really want them on my bed, BUT why spend upwards of $20 on a dog bed that is just going to get covered in dirt and dog grim, and you can’t even wash it?! Well, I have your solution! That’s right- SOLUTION!

A few years ago, when we brought home our first beagle, a family member made him a little doggy bed. In the moment, I didn’t appreciate it enough, NOW- I think it’s pure genius! So today I created another one.

Why is it so great?? It is literally a pillow cover with a Velcro closure. That’s right! First- you can WASH IT! Second- what do you do with those old disgusting pillows- give them to the dog! As an added bonus, a normal size pillow fits PERFECT in a medium sized crate, doesn’t take up room on the floor, it can go next to the bed. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

So here it is- the Ruby’s Pet Bed, soon to be available on our online store for $20!


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