The First Postcards!!

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty darned exciting to see the postcards start trickling in! I’ll admit, I thought this would go as most of my other ventures have gone in the past: initial excitement and enthusiasm (on my part), a big push via facebook, and then…. nothing! But alas, I believe this is something that really hits home with people- the USPS. Imagine a day with no post office, everything is through UPS or FedEx. Don’t know about you, but that gives me the creepy crawlies. NO THANKS. Alas, we must face reality: we live in a virtual world and note sending has come pretty darned close to a screeching halt, bill pay is all online, bank statements: online. EVERYTHING IS ONLINE. I’ll be the first to say- CONVENIENT, but it’s killing the USPS. Through the Postcard Project, people’s desire to send notes has be rekindled, it’s quite fun going into work wondering who has written me, from where, and the array of postcards!

As promised, I have posted the first group of postcards I’ve received below. Very fitting that my first came from my hometown :-). Big props to my mom for sending FOUR cards at one time, should I send her 4 back??

I am still working on upholding the second part of my promise: SENDING POSTCARDS BACK. My darned printer decided to kick the bucket, so I am shopping around for a new one- Google Cloud ENABLED!! Hopefully by next week, I will be sending all of my wonderfully patient pen pals original postcards from my photography collections!!



Keep in mind: This project does not solely support our fabulous Rupert P.O; it helps every post office were postcards are sent from as well- let’s make this NATIONWIDE!!

Thank you everyone for your fabulous support, it’s simply amazing!


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