The Perfect Hem!

My goal for this article is to explain and simplify the process of creating a perfect hem. Hems can be used in a variety of sewing projects spanning garments and home decor projects. The hems referenced in this article will be in relation to home decor sewing needs.

When I first learned to sew, the idea of hemming was quite daunting. Creating a straight aligned hem was more of a headache than it ever needed to be, until I learn this trick. Once you read this, you will be shocked at how simple and quick it is to hem ANYTHING.

To start, you will need need a piece of fabric cut to the desired size for your particular project, a quilting ruler, a marking utensil, and an iron.

Here are the basic steps to the perfect hem:

1. Use the slevage edge, this will be your straight edge from which you will make your first measurement. Arrange the fabric with the selvage on the bottomNow you are ready to make your first measurement!

2. Decide what you would like your finished hem to be and multiply by 4. (i.e, if you want a 1” finished hem, you want to measure 4”, like in the picture above.) Your first measurement will start where the selvage edge stops and the actual fabric starts. This is so you can trim the selvage and it won’t show up in your finished project. OK- now, use your quilting ruler and place a mark at 4” along the hemline.



3. Now that you have marked 4” along the hemline, fold the bottom edge of fabric up to your measurement line, and press. SO EASY! (pic)


4. So now you have pressed all along your whole hemline. Open up the fabric so it’s laying flat again. You will notice that where you pressed the fabric measures 4”.Image This gives you a great finished reference mark, that’s perfectly straight. Just like you did the first time, take the bottom edge of your fabric and fold it up to your new pressed line. Press.


5. Almost done! Now you have folded your fabric up 2”. Fold the newly pressed section up 2 more inches. You will notice that your first pressed line falls right where you originally pressed. Once you finished the last fold, press.



VOILA! Now you have a perfectly straight hem and you are on your way to creating curtains, place mats, pillow cases, and more!. The next post we will move onto creating a simple pillow case- the perfect opportunity to use this great new skill!

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