Tutorial Tuesday: Organizing your Fabric Stash

Welcome back to another Blog Hop!!! So every Tuesday my goal is to post a tutorial for the blog hop. However, today I don’t have a tutorial ready for you, because I have been organizing my fabric stash!

Here is why: Two weeks ago I started a campaign though gofundme. My goal is to raise funds to take a year long business class with Jane Button! If you have a craft business or Etsy Shop, then you need to check her out- she’s FAB! The class is called You Part Two and is designed especially for craft business trying to make it to the next level. Taking this class will really give me the opportunity to REALLY learn the ins and outs of running my own business. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error the past two years, but not enough. I’m talking skills like- selling my products to businesses, creating a marketing plan, a BUSINESS PLAN. You know, all that important stuff I don’t REALLY want to do, but am finally realizing, to go any where I HAVE TO! In exchange for contributions, I am doing what I do best, making bags! If you swing by my campaign site, you can check out the different levels and what bag you can have custom made just for you! This being said, I have A LOT of bags to make! With that, I am giving my contributors the chance to pick out their own fabrics. Which means I have to organize THIS:


HA! I guess this is the perfect time to go through my stash and get seriously organized huh?!

So here are a few tips in downsizing and organizing a fabric stash:

1. Separate your fabric by color. Doing this will give you a place to start from and keep you from getting overwhelmed. It allows for easy starting and stopping points.

2. Designate “Keep” “Sell” “Donate” and “Trash” piles and go through you fabric by color.

*You don’t have to sell any if you don’t want to, being a business I’d rather try and                 sell some of it rather than just donate it all .

*A lot of my fabric is upcycled and vintage, every now and then I come across fabric that I really should toss due to quality, stains, or just because it’s SO DARN DATED!

4. For super duper organization, and to help me keep track of what fabric I can use for certain bags I found CraftyStaci and printed off her great inventory cards.

Pretty simple, in theory, but it’s pretty overwhelming in the moment! Don’t try to tackle it all in one day, you will kill yourself! I will post updates as I progress.

And now it is time for the Pinterest Tuesday Link UP!! Every Tuesday I will have a Link Up for your blog posts about the fun Pinterest projects you tackle! There are just a few rules, to make sure everyone gets some love.

1. Make sure you follow your hosts.
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2. Link up your specific blog post – NOT your main blog page.
3. Please help get the word out about this linky and place the button on your blog.
4. Stop by at least two other linkers and follow them as well. Comments are a plus, We all like to get comments and love.
5. Have fun, Get to know each other and come back next week!

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