Time to Pack it Up!

Hi everyone!

Oh boy it’s been a long time since my last post (eeeek). 

I have a VERY. very. VERY. GOOD REASON. 




That’s right, We are officially homeowners!!! 

Alas, the last month has been quite busy with paperwork, home inspection, and in general getting our ducks in a row. It’s been quite exciting!

Did I mention PACKING?!

I have been working on finishing up any current sewing projects the move. Unfortunately that’s why I haven’t shared any projects and tutorials with all of you! 

DO NOT WORRY, my faithful readers! I am going to take you from start to finish as I pack up my current disorganized mess and move into a room with TWO closets (WHAT?!) and a bay window (OH YEA!)

Here’s what I’m thinking for the new sewing room:

– it will be the colors of the website- it’s all got to flow 🙂

-LOTS of organization- WAIT until you see the sweet set of drawers I got, EEEEE I can’t wait to show you!!


I have great visions, but need to remember I’m on a time frame and BUDGET….


Should I: 

Wall Paper?


Paint those big wall stencils?

Leave your ideas in the comments!



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