DIY Sewing Room: Chevron Wall

We are all moved in to the new house and I LOVE IT! I spent the last week getting everything unpacked and really starting to make it our own. One area that I was worried would take me a while to get to was the sewing room. Even that room is coming along nicely. We really settled in quickly and easily, allowing me to get into the sewing room and give it some L-O-V-E!

The first thing I did when I got into the room was decide on paint colors. I went back and forth between paint and wallpaper, but ultimately chose to do paint with a creative spin. As much as I love wallpaper, give me a year and I’ll be onto something else- so maybe not a great choice for ANY ROOM in this house right now 🙂

I like simple and straight forward, so I chose the colors off my website, choosing the yellow background for the wall color and then one shade lighter for:


If you love this look:



I followed this tutorial

What you need:
painters tape
trim brush
standard size roller (2 replacements)
small roller (2 replacements)

Here is what I did:


2 COATS!!!

2. When dry measure the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the wall

2. Decide how many stripes you want/ how wide you want them.

SOOOO say the wall height is 96″ (8ft) and you want 12″ stripes. That means you will put a mark every 12″ up the wall.

3. Decide how many vertical lines you want (THIS WILL AFFECT THE FREQUENCY OF THE CHEVRON)

AGAIN, say the wall is 96″ wide and you want 8 vertical lines. Mark out every 12″ giving you 8 vertical lines.

TIP: When marking along the wall, use a level with a ruler- this will speed up the process and ensure STRAIGHT lines 😀

4. Once you have gone through and placed all horizontal and vertical marks it’s time to TAPE!

tape chevron

5. Now that you have everything taped, it’s time to paint!! I used a small 3″ roller and the trim brush for this part. Using the paint you’ve chosen for the stripes, paint every other stripe. Keep the coats light and repeat as many times it takes to get good paint coverage.


Don’t overload the roller with paint. “A Dab will Do Ya” when paint the stripes. Too much paint will run through the tape and look messy.
Don’t try to roll in the corners, use the trim brush to touch up spots the roller can’t reach.

6. Once you are satisfied with your last coat, take the paint off andddd…….


Chevron Finished




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