Alternatives to Fabric stabilizers

Did you know there are MANY alternatives to using interfacing for your projects?
If in a pinch and need a stabilizer get creative!
Here’s a short list of what you can use:
Sweat shirt material

Different thicknesses will give different looks, it’s a great way to use fabric you don’t like!



2 responses to “Alternatives to Fabric stabilizers

  1. I totally agree! I have a buttload of flannel and fleece left over from old projects and I love to use it in bags. Flannel is surprisingly good for pouches and fleece can be sewn-in with a much better result than fusible fleece. Considering how many old, unworn sweatshirts we have lying around, I think I’m going to have to try that next!

    • Did you know I have NEVER bought fusible fleece?!! Why spend the $$$ when it’s all right there already! Just gotta be creative!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

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