ETSY Pin Up Party!

Who is OBSESSED likes to use Pinterest? Who likes to use it to promote blog posts and Etsy shops?

Well, I’m going to make Pinterest a little more interesting for all of you:


THAT’S RIGHT! Let’s do a LIVE PIN UP PARTY on pinterest!

Here’s how it will work:

1. RSVP to the event via FACEBOOK.

2. Follow me on PINTEREST

(These two pieces are VITAL- that way I know who to invite to the group board)

3. On 9/10/13 check your email at 7:30 pm SHARP

(this is when I will invite all my esty shop owners to the group board)

4. Pinning will begin at 8pm SHARP!!


1. Anyone can join the pin up and comment/like/repin ANY PIN on the group board

2. Group board invites will be restricted to ACTIVE Etsy shop Owners

3. Etsy shop owners- please pin only YOUR shop items.

4. The key to make this successful is interaction. This is a great opportunity to connect with other shop owners in a live forum- PLEASE, comment on any pins you make like, love, or have questions about.

5. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Even if you don’t have an Etsy shop, make yourself a snack, throw on your jammies and come join us on Pinterest on 9/10/13 from 8-9 EST!



15 responses to “ETSY Pin Up Party!

  1. I really hope that on Tuesday night there is a place on this website where I and the 170 people I invited can click on and find this pin-up party. Otherwise, I will have a lot of apologizing to do.

  2. So, what happens to all the people I invited? I do recall asking if there was anything I needed to know before I sent invitations. But, I never got an answer. So, I just went ahead and sent it along with two of your links, one to this page and one to another page.

    • Bettie- I thought I had replied, my apologies I will go back and double check that. What happens is that if “etsians” want to pin to the group board, they MUST follow me on Pinterest, I follow back. The NIGHT OF I go through the list and invite all those people to the group board, which then allows them to pin their shop items to the board. People who DON’T have etsy shops are only able to repin and comment- so they don’t receive invites to the actual board. Does that help?

      You’re invites are working as I have seen a jump in Pinterest follows since you sent the invites out. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. No, there was no reply. I did, however, send the information for them to check it out ahead of time. They were only Etsy shop keepers that I sent invitations to. I’ll have to wait for them to contact me afterwards, if they had a problem. Etsy’s new mail system “LOST” my invitations when I tried to save them in a special file. Nice! Oh, well! Anyway, I’m ready to Rock-N-Roll, come Tuesday night. “See” you then.

    • As long as they follow the steps listed in this post they shouldn’t have a problem! If they do- blame me!! Hopefully it will go off with out a hitch *knock on wood* “see” you Tuesday!

    • For Sure! Post it on the FB event page, on any of youse social networks, also PM me (on FB) with the info and Ill put up a blog post tomorrow as well as sharing info on my networks. Does that work?

  4. Yes, Facebook it is. But, every time I want to check the status of this event, i.e. how many of my invites might be attending, I end up going around in circles for several minutes before I find very little. You mentioned a spike in activity regarding the pin-up party, but I guess you’re the only one who is getting those messages. I don’t see more than 20 people who have responded on the Facebook page, maybe only one was from my list. I’m just not feeling any cohesiveness of a large gathering, because I’m not seeing any replies. I just hope I’m in for a very big happy surprise on Tuesday night. I’ll see you there. I’m off to post my pre-coupon information on your Pinterest Facebook page. Maybe a summary of the rules could be included in the 7:30 p.m. party announcement, so nobody has to go back to the Facebook page to review them. Tootles, Bettie

  5. I’m going in circles again. I know I posted an announcement regarding my coupon, and how it would be available at the pin up party. But, when I went back to copy and paste it to your Facebook page, I can’t find my message. So, I don’t even know where I posted it.

    • Hi Laura,
      I saw that you just followed me on Pinterest as well. That’s it! I will follow back and send out the board invite tonight starting at 7.

      Thanks for joining!

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