Etsy Pin Up Party Updates!

Hi All!

As many of you know, tomorrow night is THE NIGHT!! We will kick off the very first Etsy Pin Up Party on Pinterest.

One question many of you are asking is: How do I START pinning if I own an Etsy Shop?

EASY! I have a private group board all set up waiting to be made public tomorrow evening.

You MUST be following me on Pinterest in order to get the board invitation.

I will begin sending invites out to the group board at 7Pm EST sharp. Once you receive the email to JOIN the group board, you can begin pinning any of your Etsy shop items.

So, to keep it simple:

Check your email

Accept invitation


In order to keep this interactive, aside from repinning others, please LIKE and COMMENT on pins!

This doesn’t mean you need to comment on every single pin, but if you notice something you like or have questions on- this is a great way to talk to shop owners directly!

If problems should arise, or you need to ask me questions, you can ask in the comments BELOW or on the FB Event Page HERE!

PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask questions, it will only make this event better for everyone!

If you DON’T own an Etsy Shop:

1. Go to pinterest

2. Find the board: LIVE! Etsy Pin Up

3. Start pinning!

(Remember, you won’t be able to find the board until tomorrow at 8pm!)

Please use #Etsypinup when you pin and repin it will make finding this event easier for everyone.

See you tomorrow!!!!


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