Where’s Your Ruby?


Have you noticed our deafening silence the past few weeks? The lack of tutorials and tips? Yea- we have too. Our only excuse? We’ve been working HARD!!

If you haven’t already noticed, the website has been “under construction” for a few weeks.

Welp…Ruby took a trip to the beauty parlor!

The website went through some major changes, both cosmetic and structural. Some of the updates included a new link to the Etsy shop, new links to the blog, and a new email sign up. Join our email list so you can receive monthly updates and email only specials!

BUT WAIT!! There’s more!!

We are still working on some major updates. The biggest of which will be a new online market place. We are trying to move towards a simple online custom order system.

The other update?! We want to know where your RUBY is!! Where do you carry your bag? To the beach? Work? Overnight? Share with us via twitter (@rubyalicebags), FB (Ruby Alice Designs), or in the comments below. Until the page is up and running, we will feature them on our social media outlets.

Just for sharing your Ruby use coupon code #myruby for 10% your NEXT Ruby!!!


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