Sugar Plum Craft Faire: Nov. 16, 2013


All set up and ready for our first fair


Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 I participated in my very first craft fair! I spent Friday finishing up last minute items and signage, my goal of all this work? DON’T FORGET ANYTHING! I packed up Saturday morning and hit the road at 8am, sharp. Luckily, Cambridge, NY isn’t too far, so I was able to make quick work


of the commute. Right now, I don’t have any major display pieces or an over-abudance of stock, so set up is easy pretty. The most time intensive bit is putting fabric for custom handbags.

I put out a box of fabric for sale. I have fabric coming out my ears!! I put out my fundamental items: wallets, clutches, lunch bags, Peony Bags, and Lotus Bags. I even added a fun new item- lavender sachets. I just LOVE THESE!!! I filled some with flax seed, and otherswith oatmeal, then added a few drops of lavender essential oil. My table smelled like a little pieceof heaven!! I may add more with different scents down the road.


filled with all natural flax and oatmeal, scented with essential oil, these make great all natural heat or ice packs

 Overall, my experience was excellent! The other vendors were so friendly. I loved learning about their crafts. One created wonderful felted applique items. Table runners, holiday banners, candle mats- her work was beautiful. I have my whole house decorated with one pass of her table! 😉 Another shared her passion for sewing new items out of old sweaters, bags, hats, stuffed animals, and more. Why didn’t I get her info?! I was thrilled to connect with the local community. For the handful that know about Ruby Alice Designs, there are about 5 handfuls that don’t! It’s all about the networking- it’s not always what you know- it’s who you know, right? 😉

All in all a great day. I was happy to be able to support this first year fair, and make new friends. With the holiday season upon us, we hope you will stop by one of our next events:

Dec. 7th: Salem Historical Courthouse Craft Fair  10-2pm

Dec. 12th: Gardenworks, Super Shopping Night 4-8pm

Dec. 14th: Town of Rupert Craft Fair


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