The Postcard Project


For me a BIG part of having a small business is staying current on local community events and issues, especially living in such a small rural community. Most all of you out there are certainly aware of all the cut backs the United States Post Service has been making to save money. As a result, our local P.O in Rupert, VT has had it’s hours cut back drastically, yet miraculously was not closed indefinitely.This little PO is a staple to our community, I do my shipments at the PO as well as my employer. It is one of those places you are sure to run into someone you know, and the Postmistress is a friendly face as well. In an effort to keep this PO open, the wonderful and ever so talented artist Jane Davies has started a project to keep our PO running! You can check out her Postcard Project at her blog, she does a great job explaining what helps keep our little PO going strong!

As a spin off to her great idea, that has been SO SUCCESSFUL, I wanted to get involved. So here is what I am asking from you:

1. I WANT POSTCARDS!! Send me your postcards, they can be anything you want, I really love photographed postcards 😛 Be sure to print your name and address CLEARLY. To this address:

  • Amy Malsbenden c/o Merck Forest PO Box 86 Rupert, VT 05768

2. I have compiled an assortment of 5 of my most favorite photographs in my collection, and I will send YOU a postcard back!

3. As I receive postcards, like Jane, I will post them here on my blog for all to see! I, as well, will be quite sad if I don’t receive any and the Post Office will meet an untimely demise, and a whole lot more people will be sad with me! (Have I guilted you into sending me a postcard yet? LOL!)


Let’s start sending Postcards People, it will be like when we were in elementary school and had pen pals!! This is going to be fun, I really hope I will get to know people from all over the country 🙂 Not only are you helping our little itty bitty PO, but it also helps our your own PO, am I right?! LET’S DO THIS!!





12 responses to “The Postcard Project

    • Wow Sue! Sounds like we have a lot in common between the trip to Ireland, and our locations. Falls right in step with the ironies of your St. Paddy’s day post! Thanks for getting involved.

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  3. Wow – what a fabulous idea!! We love sending postcards when we travel so we will sure jot down your address and make sure we get posting 🙂 – When we get a chance,we might occasionally post one from our hometown Sydney to you!!

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